Hyper Automation was founded in 1975 by Ulrich Schulschenk and Robert Sidler, a formidable combination of German organisation and Swiss precision.

Begun as just another engineering shop making brackets and repairs, Hyper Automation soon evolved into a company recognised for its superior ability to design and custom-built machines for a variety of industries.

Producing machines to assemble, another for the textile industry let to the first export order for Australia, producing a machine to manufacture surgical staples and a tablet counter and bottler, for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 1978, Hyper Automation entered the market of their greatest success to date. Hyper Automation embarked on the design, building and supplying of machines for the sawmill industry and mining-timber industry. Designing, building and supplying twenty-eight 9-tonne wood chippers.


The highly acclaimed original design, and superior international-quality of machines for mine-support systems and for sawmilling has seen the company grow from 380 square meters to in excess of 3000 square meters. The staff compliment increased from the original two founders of the company to fifty. This includes a design office with qualified engineers and CAD systems, as well as a well-organised computerised administration department.

Moving into the 21st century Hyper Automation is still committed to the principal that the customer knows what he requires and that Hyper Automation must interpret these requirements, putting the customer first. Whether designing, building and supplying machines for the sawmilling, mining-timber or any industry we aim to satisfy our customer with decades of experience in solving mechanisation, whilst using the latest designing technology and tools.

Hyper Automation is situated in Maitland Cape Town, access from all major roads is of no concern, and taking into account the proximity to Cape Town Harbour and the Cape Town International Airport, as well as the city center, Hyper Automation is extremely accessible.

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